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I’m an ideator, content creator, and self-professed storyteller. I love juggling words and weaving unforgettable narratives for brands.

I believe that the world is my playground. So I explore. I experiment. I experience. This reflects in who I am. In what I do. 


Have nearly 20 years of proven success in customizing creative business ideas, concepting content, organizing projects, and forging client and team relationships. My forte is best defined as a blend of business and creative writing. But since I dabble in difference, I like different projects as well.

Work aside, I am an aficionado of art, music, books and philosophy. It is one life and I choose to be many things. Thus, I travel in my thoughts and in my realms to redefine realities.



Quality content creation. Client-centric approach.

Lateral thinking. Grasping new concepts quickly.

Managing diverse projects.


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