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Poetry & Art

Things I caught

I shot an arrow into the sky.

To catch a cloud.

And bring it over.

So I could fly.


I stayed awake.

To catch a dream.

And walk the silver thread.

Before it could break.


I stole colours from a butterfly.

To paint my world.

A water colour world.

Hung out to dry.


I went fishing for the moon.

In the waters of an ocean.

And caught drops of it.

On my little spoon.


I caught the sun in a jar.

And kept it hidden.

So the night could stay on.

And I could turn into a star.


I broke the clock on the wall.

To catch time.

So nothing would elude me.

And I could have it all.


The shooting star

Last night I dreamt the perfect dream.

And begged tomorrow not to come.

Then morning awoke.

The silent world spoke.

And my little dream broke…


I hide dreams under my eye lashes.

So no one can see them.

Except for that single tear.

Crystal clear.

Which falls when none are near…


I got to the movies. I visit the old.

And hear of their dreams come true.

I leave feeling fine.

Then come sunshine.

I know those dreams weren’t mine…


I take a twinkle, an hour; the colours of a rainbow.

And all the dreams that I know.

And put them in a jar.

The sky is too far.

So I will be my own shooting star.


Quotable Quotes

"I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget."

- Eric Van Vuren



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